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Welcome to the official web site of Make Me Shiver!

From time to time, a band comes along that brings you to your feet, gets you to put your fist in the air, and makes you call your friends and tell them at length about a band they've never heard of. It's music that makes you glad to be alive. This is Make Me Shiver.

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Charity - Rhythm & lead guitar, piano, vocals
Will - Bass guitar, vocals
Steven - Drums, vocals

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Moonshine Valentine

Moonshine Valentine is Make Me Shiver's second album, featuring 12 songs: 11 written by Charity and 1 written by Steven. It was recorded and engineered by Jim Chandler at Bull O' The Woods Recording Studio in Newport, Washington. Cover photo by Richard McSwain at Hometown Digitals. Cover concept by Jeff Mason. Photo editing by Crescent Moon Design Studio.
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Too Much To Dream

Make Me Shiver's first album, Too Much To Dream,was released on June 1, 2006. The album contains eleven songs, all written by Charity. Recorded and engineered by Rusty Gill at Another Broken Cord Studios in Newport, Washington. Cover photo by Jered Hoffman. Cover concept by Charity. Photo editing by Crescent Moon Design Studio.

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